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Camp Hilbert Origins

With the help of 26 counselors and a dozen lifeguards, specialists, and support staff, over 400 children will enjoy a wide array of activities, from boating adventures on the picturesque Lake Rosalie to exhilarating games of Ga-Ga, memorable overnights, and spirited color wars in 2024. It’s amazing to witness how much we’ve grown since Camp Hilbert’s establishment in 1947!
H.J. “Jack” Bernstein (OBM)
H.J. “Jack” Bernstein

The Vision of Hilbert Jack Bernstein 

For the past 76 years, Camp Hilbert has been the home of happy campers and exciting adventures. Nestled in the heart of Goochland County, our beautiful 110-acre site is the ideal day camp setting for exploring the outdoors, building, and developing new skills, and forging lifelong friendships. It all started with one special man, Hilbert Jack Bernstein.  

Hilbert Jack Bernstein, an ardent supporter of the JCC movement, transformed a small farm in Chesterfield County into a recreational oasis by adding a pool. He warmly welcomed children to his pool, and before long, Hilbert made the generous decision to entrust the site to the Center, which eventually became Camp Hilbert. The Center’s transformation of the farmhouse on the property into a dining hall and recreation room, along with the addition of basketball and tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and other athletic facilities, solidified the camp’s popularity from its inception. 

Expanding to Meet Demand 

The demand for Camp Hilbert was so great that it quickly amassed a waiting list. Over the following decade, the JCC acquired more land and constructed additional facilities to accommodate the ever-growing number of campers. Sadly, a hurricane in 1969 inflicted extensive damage to our beloved campsite. By the early 1970s, it was clear that Camp Hilbert needed to expand once again so the Center moved the campsite from Chesterfield County to 186 acres in Goochland County. 

The Goochland County location has evolved over the years but one thing has remained the same, our campers have the best summer ever! 

We are eternally grateful for the generosity of Hilbert Jack Bernstein, Ernest Marvin Bernstein and the continued support of the Bernstein family.