Carole & Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center
2024 Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Weinstein JCC Annual Meeting Celebrates Community and Recognizes Contributions

The Carole & Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center held its highly anticipated annual meeting on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at the Center’s main campus on Monument Avenue. The event brought together community members, leaders, staff, and supporters for an afternoon dedicated to celebrating achievements, acknowledging outstanding service, and outlining the JCC’s vision for the future.

The meeting also recognized the outstanding achievements, and contributions of three individuals through prestigious awards. The award winners and their respective awards are as follows:

Lily Brooks: Arenstein Family Excellence in Youth Service
Lily Brooks was honored with the Arenstein Family Excellence in Youth Service Award for her exceptional commitment and service to the youth within the JCC and the broader community. This award recognizes her outstanding dedication, leadership, and positive impact on young people, highlighting her efforts to make a difference in the lives of youth.

Bruce Perretz: Esther, Edith, H. J. Bernstein Volunteer Leadership Award
Bruce Perretz was honored with the Esther, Edith, H. J. Bernstein Volunteer Leadership Award, recognizing his exceptional commitment and impact as a volunteer leader within the JCC. This prestigious award acknowledges Bruce’s outstanding leadership skills, dedication, and contributions to the JCC community.

Kristen Mulberg: Barbara Wise Staff Excellence Award
Kristen Mulberg was honored with the Barbara Wise Staff Excellence Award, recognizing her incredible exemplification of the dedication to goals and guiding principles of the Weinstein JCC. This award was presented for only the second time to Lisa in recognition of the quality of her character, integrity, commitment, and years of service to the Center and greater community.

Additionally, the annual meeting included the election and installation of officers and board members, ushering in a fresh wave of leadership to guide the JCC’s future endeavors.

New Officers:

President: Stuart Simon
Chairman of the Board: Greg Bishop
Honorary Vice Presidents: Ric Arenstein and Allison Weinstein
Vice Presidents: Chris Greenberg, Bruce Perretz, Wes Simon
Secretary: Lynn Schwartz
Treasurer: Andy Brownstein


Term expiring in 2025:
Susie Adolf
David Fratkin
Leeron Molloy
Charley Scher
Sara Villalona
Bob Weisberger
Nathan Zasler

Term expiring in 2026:
Sarah Arenstein Levy
Shelley Gouldin
Jennie O’Holleran

Term Expiring in 2027:
Ashley Brooks
Erika Kain
Landis Knee
Shana Levy Passman
Greg Samuels
KC Sledd
Sara Waskin

The Weinstein JCC’s annual meeting served as a testament to the thriving community it has fostered for 77 years and celebrated the exceptional individuals who have contributed to its growth and success. With the dedication and support of its members, the JCC looks forward to continuing its mission of providing a safe and inclusive space for the community to gather and build meaningful connections guided by Jewish values and culture for many years to come.

The Weinstein JCC is supported, in part, by a generous annual contribution, and programming grants from the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.

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