COVID-19 Babysitting Policy

COVID-19 Babysitting Hours
Monday thru Friday: 8am-2:15pm
Sunday: 9am-Noon

Babysitting is limited to 1 hour and 15 minutes per family per day. Babysitting is currently open only to 4 families at a time, maximum of 2 children per family. For safety, the babysitting room is divided into four quadrants, one for each family. Only 2 infants total are allowed per time slot.

COVID-19 Babysitting Hours
Monday thru Friday: 8 am-2:15 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am-Noon

Afternoon and evening hours may be coming soon. Check our SignUpGenius page for availability.

Keep in mind that these hours are subject to change based on staffing and we cannot guarantee all timeslots.

Reservations are required – no drop-ins.

You must call to cancel if unable to come at your appointed time. Please see babysitting staff or click here for the parent manual, which explains various staff policies such as health, discipline, training, etc.

If you have questions or concerns about babysitting, please contact Amy Buckberg at or (804) 545-8638. To make reservations, please call the front desk at (804) 285-6500.

COVID-19 Precautions

The Babysitting room will be divided into 4 quadrants to accommodate up to 4 families at a time, maximum 8 children. Each child/family will have their own quadrant. Children will have their temperature taken and will sanitize their hands when entering the babysitting room. Staff will clean and sanitize toys and equipment during the 15 minutes between each reservation. The room will be further sanitized with Electrostatic spray. Each parent will be required to sign the Weinstein JCC COVID-19 Consent Form and adhere to all policies. Masks are mandated for children ages 5 & up and highly recommended for children ages 2 & up.


Member Security: Upon your first visit to the Weinstein JCC babysitting room, you will be required to fill out an information form for your child. This form will inform staff of any allergies and who may or may not pick up your child, as well as emergency contact information. If at anytime when you come to pick up your child and the babysitter on duty does not know you, you will be required to show your identification. Please note: Parents must be on-site to use these child care services.