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In 1946, our JCC opened with 300 members of the Richmond area Jewish community, and three years later, we opened our doors to the entire community, regardless of religious affiliation.

As trends have shifted and lifestyles have changed, our Weinstein JCC has become a more central part of Jewish life in Richmond than ever before, and it has become a gateway for the greater Richmond community to peacefully come together. Our JCC has never turned a member or family away due to an inability to pay for our programs; rather, we proactively assess the needs of our community, and we do whatever it takes to meet them. 

Excellence is at Our Core

Today, we serve nearly 7,000 members and thousands of community members who join us for events throughout the year. To remain competitive and meet the growing and changing needs of the community, it is time to enhance our facilities to mee the high-quality standard of our programming

  • Our early childhood education program is consistently ranked as the top preschool program in the area by Richmond magazine readers. The demand for our program has fueled the need to expand and upgrade our space to create an optimal learning environment. 

  • We have an extensive waiting list of families hoping to send their children to Camp Hilbert, and the expansion of our Israeli Pavilion allows us to accommodate 50 more children per session by providing a safe, covered space.

  • The aquatics program attracts new members and serves multigenerational needs. This program is valued resource for our community, and on that we want to upgrade and preserve

Our Impact

3,700+ membership units representing both individuals and families

800+ membership units representing both individuals and families

305 students enrolled in our preschool and after-school programs

$200,000+ in need-based scholarships awarded to families

97,020 pounds of food distributed to neighbors in need

3,120 fitness classes a year

3,000+ Arts + Ideas cultural art event attendees a year

1,572 hot Kosher meals served to seniors a year

1,956 swim lessons a year

And most importantly, 93% of members feel more connected to the Jewish community since joining.

With your investment, we are excited to launch an $8.6M campaign to expand and renovate our facilities to accommodate our growing community.

The reimagined space will enable us to continue to provide the highest quality educational, physical, and spiritual wellness programs and experiences for all ages and abilities while remaining relevant and competitive into the future.

Future & Renderings

Dora L. Lewis Family & Child Development Center

Every year, our Dora L. Lewis Family & Child Development Center tops the list of best preschool programs in Richmond, and we consistently manage a waiting list. The proposed improvements not only enhance our preschool capacity, but also modernize the space, offering new opportunities for physical and programmatic excellence. This will enable our program to stay competitive in the local market.

The proposed upgrades to the child development center include:

  • One new, state-of-the-art preschool classroom and a new staff break room

  • Modernization of our existing classrooms and meeting rooms

  • Upgraded child-centered furnishing that will exceed safety standards and encourage independence and creativity for our children

  • New play equipment that supports the Reggio Emilia Approach® with interest areas of play that encourage immersive engagement and increasing creative and cognitive expression

  • Improved outdoor classrooms

  • Inclusion rooms, and space for children who need a classroom break

Kid's Place

Our vision: More school-aged children enjoying friendship and enrichment after school in an expanded, safe, modern space.

Kids’ Place at the Weinstein JCC is a vibrant, inclusive after-school program, serving children in grades K-5. In addition to quiet time for homework, kids play sports in the gym or outside on the playground, cook in our interactive teaching kitchen, swim in the pool, explore their artistic talents in the art room, and learn new things in enrichment classes guided by Jewish values and culture. Most importantly, they make friends in a safe and welcoming environment.

The need for after-school programming has steadily increased, and the reimagined space will allow us to welcome more children and serve more families.

The expanded, replocated space will include:

  • Modernized classrooms and play areas

  • Upgraded furnishings and activities for school-aged children

  • A teaching kitchen for children to learn about nutrition, healthy habits, and cultural traditions

Camp Hilbert

Our vision: A sustainable, secure, and accessible summer experienced rooted in Jewish values and Israeli culture.

At the Weinstein JCC, summer means one thing: Camp Hilbert! Campers at our 110-acre camp in the lush green countryside of Goochland County canoe on Lake Rosalie, tackle our low ropes
course, celebrate Jewish culture, and form lifelong friendships. Camp Hilbert is consistently rated as the #1 Summer Camp by Richmond magazine readers, an accolade we take very seriously.

 Our camp programming is best-in-class, and we have a long waiting list of campers each year who we must turn away due
to covered space constraints. Our camp curriculum is deeply rooted in Israeli education, which guided our decision to turn the current small Israeli pavilion into a modern, state-of-the-art space showcasing the people and culture of Israel. This space also serves as additional covered space at camp, allowing us to increase capacity by 50 campers per week. 

In July 2023, Camp Hilbert was chosen by JCamp 180 to receive a matching grant for this project. The match has been met, and although $60,000 has been secured for the new Israeli pavilion at camp, this amount represents only a portion of the expense. We’re turning to our community to raise the remaining funding. 

Fitness Center

Our vision: A thriving, healthy community whose fitness and wellness needs are met and exceeded at the Weinstein JCC.

We’ve been here for it all. From Jazzercise in the 70’s to
Aerobics in the 80’s. Tae Bo and Spinning in the 90’s, Zumba,
and CrossFit in the 2000’s, and now a focus on HIIT. 

Fitness trends have evolved dramatically since our early days, and as they change and class and equipment needs evolve, we are committed to ensuring that our fitness center is state-of-the-art. 

Now, it’s time to modernize our offerings and remain relevant amongst our competitors in the fitness space. We’ve surveyed and spoken with our members about their fitness interests and needs, and we are excited to build a modern, state-of-the-art Fitness Center together.

The new facility will showcase:

  • More space for more class participants

  • New equipment and dedicated spaces for modern workout methodologies

  • New technology system to provide better service to members


Our vision: A state-of-the-art, modern aquatics center for our community to enjoy for years to come

For swim team members, adult lap swimmers, and occasional swimmers who just want to take a quick dip, the pools at our JCC are popular with community members of all ages. 

On any given day, more than 150 adults and children plunge into our pool for fitness, wellness and recreation. Swim lessons are also an integrated part of our preschool program, setting our littlest members up for a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment, and setting our preschool activities apart from other programs.

 After several years of steady and joyful use for recreation,
fitness, and fun, the pools need upgrades for the safety and comfort of members.

Planned improvements include:

  • Adding a new pool deck

  • Installing a new non-slip tiles for greater safety

  • Reviving the space with a new color scheme

A Modernized, Secure Entryway and Kosher Grab & Go Market

Our vision: A gathering space that’s as welcoming as our community.

With a steadfast focus on security and safety, and in consultation with security experts, we are relocating the JCC’s front desk and reimagining the lobby and entryway. Our new Kosher Grab & Go Market is more than just a culinary upgrade—it’s an open invitation for
our community to come together over coffee and meals. This modern addition to our lobby is all about connecting individuals across generations and fostering a vibrant sense of togetherness right here at our JCC.

Progress & Milestones

Donation Progress
Launch Phase! 80%


For more than 77 years, we have served the Richmond, Virginia community. Rooted in Jewish values, we provide some of the highest quality educational, physical, and spiritual wellness programs in the area. We also celebrate a history of constant innovation and a commitment to remain relevant and serve the community in the best way possible. While offering award-winning and top-rated programs, our JCC is curtailed by the limits of our facilities. To remain competitive and meet the growing and changing needs of the community, our JCC facilities must be brought up to the standard of our programs.

The funds raised for the capital campaign will be used to support the proposed updates and renovations. In line with our commitment to responsible growth, unless otherwise specified by the donor, 20% of all campaign gifts will be allocated to an endowment fund.

The task forces and Board prioritized the campaign projects based on the current spaceconditions and the impact these spaces will have on revenues. Currently, the priority order for improvements is as follows:

  1. Preschool
  2. Kids’ Place
  3. Camp Hilbert
  4. Fitness Center
  5. Aquatics Center
  6. Lobby

We formed task forces for each area of the center made up of key staff, lay leaders, and subject matter experts from the community to generate creative ideas for our future to modernize our aging facility and significantly impact programs for current and future generations.

Now that we have passed through planning and quiet phases, our campaign is launched to the public. As of June 2024, we have raised over 80% of our necessary funding to execute on the plans. We have already begun renovations for our early education wing as of Summer 2024.

This project is planned to be completed in phases. The phasing of the project and construction will be clearly communicated to members and families to provide the least amount of disruption as possible.

The proposed campaign renovations will allow the JCC to increase our capacity for Preschool and Camp Ganim by 14 students per year. The now complete Israeli Pavilion at Camp Hilbert allows us to improve our capacity for campers, adding 50 more eligible campers a week.

The campaign cabinet is comprised of Co-Chairs: David Fratkin, Bruce Perretz and Sara Villalona. Honorary Co-Chairs are Ric Arenstein and Lynn Schwartz. Cabinet members include: Greg Bishop, Board Chair; Sarah Arenstein Levy; Stuart Simon, President; and CEO Orly Lewis.

The campaign consists of two phases:
Phase 1: The quiet, leadership phase targeted leadership-level giving in late 2023.
Phase 2: The community or public phase, active as of June 2024, invites all community members to participate in the campaign.

Gift commitments may be paid upfront or spread over a period of time. We ask that all pledges are paid within five years. For details, please see the Weinstein JCC Capital Campaign gift agreement.

Pledge payments are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donors will be sent letters for tax purposes annually for payments made during the previous calendar year.

Capital campaign donors have the option to select one or more recognition opportunities for gifts at specific levels. For more information about recognition and naming opportunities, please contact Director of Development, Stephanie Sulmer ([email protected])

All campaign donors will be recognized collectively in a dedicated space upon the conclusion of the campaign.

The campaign welcomes volunteers to assist with prospective donor identification and outreach, solicitations, and marketing of the campaign when we reach the public, community phase. Please contact Stephanie Sulmer ([email protected]) if you would like to get involved or donate today!

Updates & News

Henrico Citizen: Weinstein JCC launches $8.5M capital campaign

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The Reflector: Building a Bright Future Together

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Capital Campaign Party

June 20, 2024 – Building a Bright Future Together: Weinstein JCC Launches Major Fundraising Drive

Richmond, VA — The Weinstein JCC proudly unveils its ambitious fundraising campaign, “Building a Bright Future Together,” aimed at enhancing community experiences through comprehensive facility upgrades and program expansions. Under the leadership of CEO Orly Lewis, boasting 25 years of dedicated service, the JCC celebrates the successful completion of the campaign’s initial phase, reinforcing its steadfast commitment to Richmond.

“The campaign underscores our dedication to enriching the community’s engagement at the JCC,” affirms Lewis. “We are planning substantial enhancements across our preschool, after-school programs, fitness center, aquatic facilities, and Camp Hilbert. Additionally, improvements to security and the renovation of the Arenstein lobby will introduce a convenient Kosher Grab-and-Go Café and versatile spaces for gathering and collaboration.”

“Building a Bright Future Together” will fortify the community, embolden the Center to take decisive actions, and equip it to confront future challenges. Thanks to a generous contribution and challenge match from the Weinstein-Jecklin family, along with full board participation and support from gracious donors, the initial goal has already been achieved.

Founded in 1946, the Weinstein JCC has evolved into a cornerstone of Richmond, initially serving the Jewish community and expanding its embrace to all backgrounds. Today, with nearly 7,000 members and numerous visitors annually, the JCC fosters unity and growth through shared experiences.

“Our programs excel consistently,” Lewis continues. “From top-tier early childhood education to Camp Hilbert, revered as Richmond’s premier summer camp, we nurture community and development. Yet, our facilities must evolve to meet growing demand and uphold our standards.”

The Weinstein JCC remains committed to community enrichment with impactful initiatives: annually hosting over 800 campers, nurturing more than 310 young minds through preschool and afterschool programs, and awarding $200,000 in scholarships for accessibility. The Elmer Toth Food Pantry distributes over 98,000 pounds of essential items yearly, while cultural events and 3,100 fitness classes annually underscore cultural appreciation and wellness.

Moreover, the JCC provides vital support, serving over 1,570 hot Kosher meals annually to seniors, and teaching essential swim lessons to over 1,960 children yearly, emphasizing safety and life skills.

Stephanie Sulmer, Director of Development, emphasizes, “These achievements reflect our commitment to holistic community care and enrichment through compassionate, educational, and inclusive programs.”

The facility redesign was executed by local award-winning architecture and interior design firm, Cornerstone. Construction is being handled by local construction firm, Leipertz Construction. The JCC’s ambitious renovations and upgrades are set for phased execution over 18 to 24 months to minimize disruption.

“We have already begun transforming the former Jewish Community Federation of Richmond space,” Lewis notes. “Expanding our preschool by 14 students annually is just the beginning. We will provide regular progress updates and visual insights to the community.”

Lewis underscores the JCC’s role as a leading provider of educational, recreational, and wellness services in Richmond. “Our vision is clear, and our commitment unwavering,” she asserts.

Acknowledging key partners like the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond and the Richmond Jewish Foundation, Lewis expresses gratitude. “Their steadfast support, alongside our professionals, colleagues, and lay leaders, has been crucial.”

The campaign’s public launch on June 20 at a community-wide celebration marks a significant milestone, showcasing the JCC’s dedication to excellence and future plans.

With gratitude, Lewis announces, “We have secured nearly 80% of the funds needed for our $8.5M Capital Campaign, entirely donor-funded. Now, we invite our community to help us achieve our goal.”

“The public launch of this campaign is pivotal,” Lewis emphasizes. “With community support, we aim to provide enriching experiences and opportunities for future generations.”

For further details or to contribute, please contact Stephanie Sulmer, Director of Development, at [email protected] or visit

“Thank you for considering a gift to our special community,” Lewis concludes. “Together, let’s build a brighter future for generations to come.”

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The heart of the Weinstein JCC is our community. We are a community where everyone is welcome; where we can all
peacefully come together, connect, and grow.

Please build with us. We are committed to ensuring that what happens within our walls has a ripple effect far beyond them. As we look to the future, our JCC is a bridge for greater Jewish engagement – for our current members and for our future members, campers, students, and families. 

All campaign donors will be recognized, and gifts of $5,000+ are eligible for unique recognition opportunities. 

Gifts of $250,000 and up are eligible for naming recognition. Please contact Stephanie Sulmer, Director of Development at [email protected] with questions. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors, the JCC leadership team and the Capital Campaign Cabinet, thank you for considering a gift to our special community.

Join Us in Building a Bright Future Together! Your support can make a significant impact.
Donate now to help us reach our goals and make a difference in the community.

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