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The Weinstein JCC is committed to being a primary destination for all aspects of Jewish engagement and convening important conversations.  Check this page for all of the latest events involving Jewish life that are happening at the Center!

Chutzpah - Why Israel is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tech insider Inbal Arieli reveals the secrets behind how Israel, a tiny country with the highest concentration of start-ups per capital worldwide, is raising generations of entrepreneurs, disrupting markets around the globe, and bringing change to the world. Arieli goes against common belief that Israel’s outstanding economic accomplishments are the direct byproduct of its technologically advanced military, or long-standing Jewish traditions of study and questioning. Instead, she posits that in today’s modern Israel, it’s the result of the unique way Israelis are raised in tribal-like community, where childhoods are purposely sharped by challenges and risks. In this culture that encourages chutzpah, supports creative thinking, and risk taking, children grow up and develop to have the courage to pursue unorthodox and often revolutionary approaches to change and innovation.

Inbal Arieli is a serial entrepreneur and former officer in the Israeli Defense Forces Elite Intelligence Unit 8200. She has held numerous executive positions in leading Israeli tech companies, founded a series of programs for innovators, has led the Strategic Partnerships for Start-Up Nation Central and is currently Founder and CO-CEO of Synthesis.

Community Menorah Lighting

Please join us on the second night of Chanukah to light the community menorah in the Neil November Plaza. We will recite the blessing, sing songs, and celebrate the Festival of Lights together.

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