Here at JCC, Sports go beyond the physical to give participants the opportunity to maximize their personal growth.

Join our youth leagues and rec programs where children and adults build lasting friendships in a nurturing environment. #good syportsmanship is always emphasized!


Sports are more fun when we participate as a group!

We offer a large range of sports activities and classes that bring healthy fun to children and adults.

  • Preschoolers move with us during our Enrichment programs include classes in aquatics, fitness, recreation and dance for children ages three and up.
  • Children ages 6 – 12 can choose from a range of recreational and instructional dance programs, swimming, leagues and classes, including basketball, gymnastics, soccer, flag football and more.
  • Adults can meet friends and enjoy pick-up basketball, pickleball, running clubs and many other gym and fitness activities.

For details about our sports leagues and recreational programs, contact Aisha Vaughn, Sports and Recreation Coordinator, at 804-545-8607 or