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Summer Camps at the Weinstein JCC

The options at Weinstein JCC Day Camps provide a fun and safe environment where children enhance their social skills and learn many new things about themselves and the world in which they live.

2019 Camp Registration

Registration for all camps is now open. View our 2019 Camp Magzine here. To register, download our 2019 registration forms and return to the Center or send in via scan/email to


2018 Camp Recap

Summer 2018 was another camp season for the memory books, and we're looking forward to many more camp adventures next year!


Adventures starts here!

Camp Ganim

Camp Ganim offers educational and safe opportunities for children ages 2-5 to interact with nature. They run, climb, dig, collect, pretend, take risks and create, while exploring sand, mud, flowers, insects and more! Add swimming, art, water play, music, gardening, and caring counselors, and what a perfect summer your child will have! For more information, check out our Camp Ganim page.

Camp Hilbert

Camp Hilbert is a safe, fun and nurturing environment where kids in grades K-10 can explore the outdoors. From the morning flag pole assembly to canoeing on beautiful Lake Rosalie, campers will enjoy a wide range of activities led by trained specialists designed to provide an experience unlike any other. Located in Goochland County, our 110-acre site is a perfect day camp setting. Let your children have the summer of a lifetime...and we’re sorry if they come home a little bit muddy! For more information, check out our Camp Hilbert page.

Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps allow campers to explore a special interest one week at a time, all summer long! Does your child ever dream of riding a horse, creating LEGO masterpieces, or building a computer app? Specialty Camps has all of those interests and more! Our camps provide professional and focused instruction which result in fun with learning mixed in. Our goal is to provide an interactive and safe environment that ensures every camper’s physical, mental, and social developmental needs are met. For more information, check out our Specialty Camps page.

Kids' Place Camps

Kids’ Place Camp is an exciting end-of-summer experience with two weeks of age-appropriate and fun-filled programs and activities. For more information, check out our Kids' Place Camps page.

Ganim Volunteer Corps

Ganim Volunteer Corps is designed to help participants in grades 7-12 meet their school’s community service requirements, while still having an exciting, fun and meaningful summer experience. Each participant will be placed in a Camp Ganim group in the morning to assist the counselors and will have the opportunity to learn valuable skills working with young campers. For more information, check out our Teen Camps page.

Instructional Swim

It is important to us that our campers gain swimming competence to last a lifetime. Hilbert and Camp campers participate in our Red Cross instructional swim. Our staff evaluates each swimmer and places him or her with campers of their same swim level. As the summer progresses, the campers attain new skills and move up to the next level to gain confidence in all areas of swimming.

Voices Together

Voices Together is a safe and structured day camp for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Campers participate in both indoor and outdoor activities that keep them engaged and entertained, including art, music therapy, swimming,
and classroom and gym games. The professional staff and teen volunteers make this an experience your child will not forget! For more information, check our our Voices Together page.

Pages of Fun for All Ages

Everyone here had a blast this summer at Weinstein JCC Day Camps. From exploring the outdoors at Camp Hilbert to exciting field trips with Kids' Place, from fun for little ones at Camp Ganim to camps for every interest at our Specialty Camps, this summer was one for the memory books for sure! Stay tuned for details about our 2018 summer camps coming early next year.

Click here to view our 2019 Camps Magazine.


Summer Camp Staff

Anthony Whitlock

Camp Hilbert Aquatics Director

1st Summer



Craig Clift

Head Coach, Winter/Summer Swim Team

1st Summer



Leslie LaBrie

Camp Hilbert Director

2nd Summer



LaVenus Harried

CIT Director

17th Summer



Lily Ocasio

Camp Ganim Director

36th Summer



Missy Bunce

Dir. of Inclusion & Support

10th Summer



Myles Phelps

Aquatics Director




Nick Pruden

Specialty Camps Director

13th Summer


Download Camp Registration Forms

Click here for our 2019 Camp Registration Forms. Please complete the All Camps Registration Form as well as any other forms pertaining to the camps you registered your child(ren) for and either mail them to the Center (5403 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226), fax them to 285-3139 or bring them to the Front Desk at the Center to complete your registration. For more information or to discuss registration with one of our staff, please call 285-6500.

To view our 2019 Camps Magazine, click here.

Registration for all camps is now open for all Weinstein JCC members. Registration for non-members will open on February 4.

For more information about camp registration or any of our camps here at the Weinstein JCC, please call 285-6500.

2019 Summer Job Opportunities

Seeking Weinstein JCC Summer Camps Staff

Calling all goofballs! Attention all free-spirits! Seeking all adventurers! At Weinstein JCC Summer Camps, our staff help create an awesome summer experience for our wonderful campers. Walk away with countless memories, great new friends and stories to last a lifetime! It’s the summer, why not love your job?

We want you to help us build a legacy that will be felt far into the future. A camp is only as good as its staff, and you will be an essential ingredient in making this summer memorable. We are looking for responsible, hardworking people who will help us SHINE in 2019! 

Skills required:

Enthusiasm, patience, a great sense of humor, a strong work ethic, positivity, ability to work with a team and ability to harness your inner kid!

Staff’s Role at Summer Camps

At the heart of Weinstein JCC Summer Camps is a compassionate and energetic team of over 100 staff. Comprised of dedicated leaders, our camp staff work together to create a vibrant and comfortable community for our campers. Working at summer camp is demanding, with long hours, little privacy, and high intensity. The rewards are great – the joy of helping a child, the beauty of working in nature, and the excitement and fun of being a part of a hilarious, energetic team. Working at Weinstein JCC Summer Camp is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Selected for their experience, skills, and dedication to kids, our counselors and specialists understand that they are the key to a successful camp experience for each child. Their caring and sensitivity create the foundation for a warm, welcoming home away from home. Our low staff-to-camper ratio ensures that each camper receives attention and guidance.

Staff Training and Development

All our Camp staff participate in training prior to the start of our camps. While the traiing schedule varies by Camp, all Staff members are required to have a current CPR/First Aid Certification. There will be several opportunities for staff members to become CPR/First Aid certified, free of charge, at the JCC before the start of the camp season. Some of our positions require specific training and certifications related to the area in which they work, at our camps.


Perks to Working at Weinstein JCC Summer Camps!

  • Build fantastic skills to add to your resume, including: leadership, communication, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking, and creativity
  • Opportunities for free certifications such as CPR/First Aid
  • Free JCC Membership (pool, gym, hot tub, sauna, etc.)
  • Full time, seasonal employment 
  • Opportunities to pick up additional hours, and for future employment
  • You get to avoid those mundane “desk jobs” and have fun while you work!


Staff Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of your Summer Camps?

We have Camp staff job opportunities all Summer long, from June 17th-August 30th. Camp Hilbert, Camp Ganimand Specialty Camps require all staff to participate in training prior to June 17th. Training schedules vary by Camp, for more information about this please contact the Directors for these programs.

Can I apply to work at more than one Camp?

Yes, we understand that some applicants will have interests in multiple areas. We ask that you disclose if you have applied to other Weinstein JCC Summer Camps on your job application, so that our Directors can coordinate the Camp we feel would be the best fit for an applicant’s skill set.

What are the different Camp options?

Weinstein JCC Summer Camps offer job opportunities to work with campers ages 2 to 8th grade. To find out about each of our camps/departments please look at the “About our Camps” page.

I’m not Jewish, can I still work at Weinstein JCC Summer Camps?

Of course, the JCC is open to all! We value diversity and understand that our campers and staff come from many different backgrounds. Our camps infuse Jewish virtues and values (that are also universal virtues and values!) and provide opportunities to learn about Jewish culture. 


About Our Camps

Camp Ganim

Do you like being outside? Do you love the summer? Do you enjoy working with young children? If you answered yes to any of these questions than I know the place for you! Camp Ganim is a fantastic, two 4-week session camp for children ages 2-5 years. We swim every day, create art outdoors, go digging in the gardens, enjoy singing and dancing, and play in the mud with the campers. We are looking for fun Counselors to join our amazing, high energy team. Counselors must be team players, reliable, flexible and able to work the eight weeks. Make this a summer to remember at Camp Ganim for yourself and the campers!

To find out how to apply to work at Camp Ganim and for more information, please contact Lily Ocasio, Camp Ganim Director at 285-6500 ext. 8115 or

Camp Hilbert

At Camp Hilbert, help create an awesome summer experience for our wonderful campers. Camp Hilbert has been the home of happy campers since 1947! Nestled in the heart of Goochland County, Camp Hilbert offers a classic day-camp experience, that allows campers to explore the outdoors, develop skills, and forge lifelong friendships. Campers in grades K-8 participate in a variety of activities from swimming and athletics to archery and canoeing.

 It’s the summer, why not love your job? We are looking for responsible, hardworking people who will help us create memories that will last a lifetime! We offer FREE transportation for Hilbert staff to and from the Weinstein JCC. Available positions include: group counselors, activity specialists, lifeguards, unit heads, and drivers. Camp Hilbert runs from June 17th-August 9th.  

To find out how to apply to work at Camp Hilbert and for more information about please Leslie LaBrie, Camp Hilbert Director at 545-8650 or

Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps allow campers to explore a special interest one week at a time, all summer long! Our camps provide professional, focused, and fun instruction in camps ranging from the arts, technology, to sports. Our goal is to provide an interactive and safe environment that ensures every camper’s physical, mental, and social developmental needs are met. We look to our counselors to ensure that each camper is having the best possible experience, from cheering them on from the sideline as they compete in a youth triathlon, to helping teach soccer skills. Our counselors help to facilitate instructor-led activities and entertain campers during downtime. We are looking for staff members who are responsible, caring, show initiative, and who would enjoy the variety and change that come with having different camps and campers each week. Specialty Camps run from June 17th- August 30th. 

To find out how to apply to work at Specialty Camps and for more information, please contact Nick Pruden, Specialty Camps Director at 545-8607 or

Kids' Place Camp

Kids’ Place Camp is a two-week, high energy, on-the-go camp, full of fun and exciting activities for campers before they return to school for new school year. Kindergarden-2ndgraders will enjoy a day out Camp Hilbert, some in -house fun activities such as Drama, Art, Pottery, swimming, cooking and gardening, Legos, board games, building blocks, special appearances and more. The 3rd- Middle school will also enjoy a day out at Camp Hilbert, an occasional field trip, fun activities such as:  art, gym activities, swimming, playground time, cooking, teambuilding, board games, and more. Counselors must be team players enjoy working with children, have high energy, be able to adapt to any changes throughout the day, and must be dependable and reliable! Kids Place Camp counselors have opportunities for future employment, skill growth development, and career advancement. Kids' Place Camp Dates are August 19-23 and August 26-29, with shifts available between 7:30 am- 6:00 pm. 

To find out how to apply to work at Kids' Place Camp and for more information about applying to work at, please contact LaVenus Harried, Kids' Place Camp Director at 545-8639 or


Swimming is a lifelong skill that can open the door to many adventures. At the Weinstein JCC we take pride in providing a safe, friendly and nurturing swim environment for our campers and our members. There are positions open for Aquatics staff both at the Weinstein JCC as well as Camp Hilbert, both during the week and on weekends for lifeguards and swim instructors. We are looking for safety-minded, attentive, and welcoming candidates. All Aquatics staff are required to be Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR/First Aid Certified.  

To find out how to apply to work for our Aquatics Department and for more information, please contact Myles Phelps, Aquatics Director at 545-8640 or

Important 2019 Camp Dates

Please note these important dates for our 2019 summer camp season!

May 1: $35 Fee for Camp Changes
May 7 & 9: Ganim Parent Orientation
June 2: Camp Hilbert New Family Open House
June 12: Ganim Open House
June 13: Camp Hilbert Meet the Staff Night
July 4: All Camps Closed
July 10: Camp Ganim Parent Social
July 25-July 26: Camp Hilbert Maccabiah (Color War)
August 1: Camp Ganim Parent Social
August 2: Camp Hilbert Parent Day
August 23: Last Day of Ganim Post-Camp
August 29: Last Day of Kids’ Place Camp
August 30: Last Day of Specialty Camps

For more information about summer camps at the Weinstein JCC, please contact Youth, Family & Camp Director Leslie LaBrie at (804) 545-8650 or