Aqua Fit Bootcamp

Instructor: John Christmas
Ages 18+

This class mixes calisthenic exercises with interval cardio and strength training in a pool environment. The entire length of the lap pool is used from the shallow to the deep end. Deep water aqua belts will be worn, kickboards, aqua fitness barbells, and noodles will all be utilized throughout your workout.

Exercises will consist of swimming, aerobic arm and leg movements, and other various calisthenic exercises in and out of the water. Pump-up your workout with this medium to high intensity class guaranteed to keep you moving and burning those calories while minimizing the stress on your joints!

Fall Schedule & Prices

Aqua Fit Bootcamp

Thursdays @ 8:05PM – 8:50PM
September 15 – December 29
(no class on November 24)

Aqua Fit Bootcamp


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