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Kids & Teens Activities

We've got lots of activities happening this fall for teens! For more information, see below or visit our Activity Finder.

Winter Break Camp

This year during winter break at Kids’ Place, we are planning a fun-filled time of exciting programs filled with field trips, movies, jewelry making, art projects,swimming and more. We are looking forward to having you join us for the fun! During break, Middle School students will participate in various volunteer programs and reap the benefits of an exciting winter break. Along with all the activities offered,the kids will take unique field trips and venture on a mission of mitzvahs by visiting local institutions as part of their leadership program. Spaces are limited, so please contact Stephen Reynolds at or 804-545-8630, or LaVenus Harried at or 804-545-8639 in order to register.

Teen Skip Trip

This is a day trip for teens in grades 6-8. This year, we will be heading to Wintergreen Resort to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Never been skiing/snowboarding before? Not a problem, all levels and abilities are welcome. The price of the trip includes a lift ticket, rentals, lessons and snacks. Please bring a bag lunch. If interested, please contact Leslie LaBrie at or 545-8650 for more information.


Spring Break Camp

Even when school is out, the fun continues down in Kids' Place! For our spring break camp, there will be trips planned for the classes and several vendors coming to our program to entertain the kids and keep them active and having fun. In addition to the trips and vendors, kids will have plenty of opportunities to explore their artistic and musical side, as well as working together on several group projects with their classes. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Stephen Reynolds at 804-545-8630 or Space is limited, so please call ahead in order to have a spot in the programs!


Exploration Earth - NEW!

Get ready to touch, see, and hear what science is really all about! This course will engage students with fun, interactive and educational hands-on activities that instill a clearer understanding of science and how it affects the world around them. Can you boil water in your bare hand" You will! See what makes water so sticky and take the bubble challenge. Can you build an earthquake-proof building" You're going to! How do enormous whales float in the water" Why do we need top predators in the wild" All this and more will be discovered!


Marvels of Science - NEW!

Take the mystery out of chemistry as you explore polymer crystals & non-Newtonian substances. Diffuse lights and separate colors through chromatography. See how eye-catching illusions can change pictures before your eyes. Change your voice to the sound of a robot or chipmunk. See how movie directors create dazzling special effects. Learn how cell phones work and wire up your own home phone system. You will be left in wonder at the scientific world around us!


Science Grab Bag - NEW!

Kids in this class will use forensics and their minds to solve the great cookie-caper mystery. We will experience the creepy world of bugs that live all around us. Think mom is just cooking in the kitchen" Kids will be amazed at the science that goes on in there. How do those magicians do their magic" Kids will discover the science behind it and try it for themselves!


Chopped Middle School Edition

Ready, set, cook! Enthusiastic and aspiring middle school chefs will test out their skills in this culinary gauntlet of competitions including a mystery box of ingredients. Taste, creativity and boldness will be rewarded.


Laser Tag Lock-In

Join us for 4 hours of non-stop laser tag fun, followed by all night activities at the J. Kids will have the place all to themselves for the night while they play unlimited laser tag, enjoy arcade games, team activities, and plenty of food and snacks.