The Center will be open from 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Thursday, November 22 for Thanksgiving. (Pools close at 12:30 PM) Preschool & Kids’ Place will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 and the day after, November 23. Thanks!

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Fitness Classes

Aimed at providing an improved health and wellness experience for all members, our Fitness Center is filled with a unique variety of people and purposes. With our state-of-the-art fitness and strength equipment, friendly personal trainers and an extensive array of group exercise and mind/body classes, our Fitness Center helps to motivate, inspire and keep members of all ages and fitness levels feeling their best. Check out our Group Exercise schedule at the bottom of this page for the exercise classes we offer each month that are free to members, and look below for other fitness classes!

Acu-Yoga & Reflexology

This class uses yoga with acupressure for pain relief. Using ideas from Integrated Positional Therapy by Lee Albert, participants will learn the benefits of asana (stretching), pranayama (breathing) and meditation and how to have better posture and muscle balance. The class includes the following practices: warmups, daily stretches, asanas, Qi Gong (more energy), reflexology (feet and hands) and acupressure.

The goal of this session is to create an individual practice which is fun and helps with general well-being while learning individualized stretches to help with hip, back and knees. This class is suitable for all body types and will be performed in both standing and seated positions


CarryBean - Babywearing Fitness for Moms

Richmond, Virginiaís first and only baby-wearing fitness class. This is a 40-minute scalable fitness class that includes cardio, strengthening, toning and stretching, all while wearing your infant or toddler in a baby carrier. The class provides a flexible solution to working out and simultaneously meeting your child's needs.

Not only will you get a great workout, but your baby will also benefit while being worn during class:

-Babies love movement, the cardio movement will help to calm them or even put them to sleep

-Babies will learn to shift weight with you while you move, enhancing their motor skills

-Babies will receive vestibular input which is key to development of body and spatial awareness

Moms must be cleared by their doctor to resume activity. Please bring your own carrier. This class is done with bare feet.



Runners, yogis, and anyone desiring to continue living an active lifestyle can benefit from MELT. This class can help you keep improving with athletic and physical goals, recover faster, decrease pain, and the risk of being sidelined. In this six-week series, you will learn how to identify and remove stuck stress in your connective tissue, improve your muscle timing, balance, core control, strength and stability as you reconnect to your body, rehydrate your connective tissues, rebalance your nervous system, and release your joint spaces. MELT helps everything work better in your body and gives you more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, and more empowerment in your body and life. All tools provided for class use.


Laughter Yoga - NEW!

Laughter Yoga is a joy-filled workout for all levels of fitness. During class, we laugh for no reason without jokes, humor or comedy. Instead, we play with laughter games and yoga breathing techniques which have been researched to benefit every body system. People state they feel more energetic, healthy, positive and peaceful after a Laughter Yoga class. Heather has seen individuals with diseases such as COPD, Parkinson's, MS, and cancer find great benefit in breathing easier, better movement and less pain. In research, laughter has been shown to benefit the immune system, hypertension, diabetes, fertility, fibromyalgia, menstrual disorders and many more physical challenges. Laughter Yoga also reduces anxiety and depression due to increases in neurotransmitter release.


Family Yoga

This class is fun for the whole family. Unplug from the world and learn the benefits of yoga. This 6-week session is sure to be the highlight of your week. Disconnect from the daily routine and schedules, relax, release stress, and enjoy unified time together as a family.


Beginner Tai Chi

Based on yang style tai chi, this class is kind to your joints and works on balance, agility, breath work and inner calm. Most of all, it is about becoming more aware of and more connected to your body. No equipment required, just comfortable clothes.


Intermediate Tai Chi

This program is for anyone who has some tai chi experience and wants to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Based on both yang and sun style tai chi, this class is easy on your joints and has an emphasis on balance, agility, breathing and inner peacefulness. No equipment or special gear required, just comfortable clothes and a good pair of socks.


Balanced Wellness

Do you want to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally? Set goals and reach them in this 10-week session. You will see results! You will feel better!

This fall session meets twice a week for high intensity workouts that are customized to each person's fitness ability. You will also meet one-on-one each week with a Wellness Coach to discuss accountability for goals and nutrition awareness. Fitness and body assessments will be performed at start and end of the session to show how much you have improved.


Running Club

A great way for teens and adults to train for a race or just run for fun. Meet with runner instructor once a week to work on form, core, strength and endurance. We will also help you come up with a training plan for the Run-A-Latke 5K held at the Weinstein JCC on Sunday, December 9. (Price includes race registration)


Ageless Grace - Brain Health

Join Judith for a fun class that will help you with mobility and brain health. The class uses 21 simple tools that participants need for aging gracefully and youthfully, including joint mobility, spinal flexibility, brain stimulation, bone density, improved muscle tone, fall prevention, balance and confidence. These exercises are based on everyday movements that are natural and fun. The movements are done in a chair so that almost anyone can participate. It is good for all ages, body types and physical abilities. Come and try it!