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Full-Body Exercises

Exercise #1 - Ball Slams

Certified Personal Trainer Alex Turley demonstrates the Ball Slam, and exercise that works your whole body and gets your heart rate up!

Watch below for a full-length workout that incorporates both Wall Balls and Ball Slams.

Exercise #2 - Jump Rope

Certified Personal Trainer Rich Spencer demonstrates several different jump rope exercises which are great for working many different muscle groups and jump-starting your next workout!

Exercise #3 - Trunk Rotations Using a Landmine

Certified Personal Trainer Jason Ford demonstrates an exercise using the landmine that works your obliques, shoulders, arms and chest. Try it for a full-body workout!

Exercise #4 - Using TRX Suspension Straps

Certified Personal Trainer Linda demonstrates several exercises that'll work your leg, arm and core muscles. For more about TRX training, call 285-6500 or go here!

Exercise #5 - A Variation of the Fly Exercise

Looking for something new to add to your fitness routine? Give the "bent over, one-legged fly" a try! This challenging exercise will work your chest, your arms and your legs--it's a great way to strengthen all of your muscles at the same time. Thanks to Certified Personal Trainer Rich Spencer for this great idea!