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Classes: Dance Classes

For our instructional dance classes, there are two semesters and it is recommended students register for both (September–May). Taking both semesters gives the dancer the appreciation for the art and instills discipline while developing strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and memory. The adult dance program offered through the Weinstein JCC School of Dance is continuous with no breaks. See below for all of our upcoming dance classes!

Ballet Slippers - Spring

In this lunch and fun class, children will learn ballet terminology, positions and movements all while having fun and making new friends. Ballet slippers are required. Leotard and tights are optional.


Lunch and Fun Hip Hop - Spring

In this 8-week lunch and fun class, children will learn the basics of hip hop dance and breakdance with age appropriate music and moves. Classes focus on rhythm, coordination, fitness, and fun! The concept of developing individual style and confidence in freestyle dancing will also be introduced. Tennis shoes required.


Beginner Hip Hop

This full year class is designed for boys and girls to express creative movement and learn the basics of hip hop dance. Children will focus on basic technique and skills, as well as choreography. Each class is a fun way to listen and move to the beats of hip hop and classic children beats. Children will participate in a Dance Recital on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm (recital costume fee is included).


Hip Hop

This class under the new direction of Richmond Urban Dance is a class designed for students that want to learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance. It focuses on basic technique and skills, as well as learning choreography. Each class builds on the one prior. This class is for boys and girls. The Dance Recital will be on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm (recital costume fee is included).


Adult Intermediate Ballet - Spring

The Weinstein JCC School of Dance offers an exciting learning environment for adults (ages 16-80+) to learn and improve ballet technique and musicality. Class is suited for advanced beginner through advanced level. We have a wonderful staff of professional ballet instructors: Patty Mochary and Kristen Gallagher. This class has an option of participating in dance recital each spring.


Intro to Ballet II

This class builds upon the basic ballet terminology and technique learned in Intro to Ballet I. Students will advance in their ballet technique at an age-appropriate level and learn fundamentals including sequencing, coordination and musicality to develop basic technique and strength. Leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers required. The Dance Recital will be Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm (costume fee is included).


Ballet II

In this class, your child will build upon skills learned in Ballet I to learn new techniques and terminology. Your child will complete barre and floor work, choreography and more advanced combinations. Lessons will build with complexity and end with a recital where you can see how your child's skills have developed. Black short-sleeved leotards and ballet slippers required. Your child must have completed Ballet I or some other prior ballet instruction to participate in this class. The Dance Recital will be Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm (costume fee is included).


Adult Beginner Hip Hop - Spring - NEW!

We partnered with Richmond Urban Dance to offer this new, fun dance class for adults. Looking to get your groove back from your younger years or just want to feel comfortable dancing in a social setting" Adult Beginner Hip Hop offers a high-quality, slower-paced class just for!


Israeli Folk Dance - Advanced

For those who love to dance and have some knowledge of Israeli Folk Dance, this class provides the opportunity to just dance and learn new dances as well, in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Israeli Folk Dance - Beginners

In a warm and inviting atmosphere, learn the steps involved with Israeli dancing, both traditional and modern. This class continues to be one of the most popular classes at the Weinstein JCC, and the first class is always free! Questions" Call Ellen Bernstein at 804-399-3649 or