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Swim Team: The Dolphins and Dolpholinas

By participating in the Weinstein JCC’s swim team programs, children can improve their skills as they learn critical values like teamwork, responsibility, dedication and self-discipline. 

The Weinstein JCC’s Dolphin Club was founded in 1955 and is a registered swim club with Virginia Swimming, a Local Swim Committee of USA Swimming. As a part of USA Swimming, the Dolphin Club participates in the Safe Sport Program, which is focused on creating and maintaining a fun, healthy and safe environment for its members.

Dolphin Club Year-Round Swimming

The Dolphin Club of Richmond, Virginia invites you to join our year-round Dolphin Club Swim Team! To determine team placement, bring your swimmer to the Weinstein JCC for a free, no obligation evaluation. Email Coach Craig at to set up an appointment or for more information.

Now offering flexible monthly payments!

Be sure to get registered quickly to secure your spot. Click here for the 2020-21 Dolphin Club Swim Team Registration Form. Once complete, please email to Coach Craig at or Myles Phelps at

Click here for the practice schedule.

Please also fill out this USA Swimming Registration Form.

Click here for the Photo Release Rejection Form.

For more information, contact the Aquatics Department at 545-8640 or visit the swim team website at


Dolphin Club/Rockville Summer Swim Team (RVDC)

The Dolphin Club will be merging with the Rockville Racers again this Summer to compete in the Greater Richmond Aquatics League (GRAL). Summer swim team is a great way for your child to improve their swimming skills while introducing them to the world of competitive swimming in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We are excited for this summer’s swim season with our focus being on teambuilding, learning and most of all fun!

If your child is signed up for Camp Hilbert, practice will be provided during their instructional swim time throughout the week. Due to COVID restrictions, transportation cannot be provided to swim meets.

If you have not already participated in our year round swim team or Pre-fins program this year, please contact Coach Craig at to set up a free evaluation. Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards of legal backstroke or freestyle.

Practice schedule is TBD based on covid restrictions and number of participants, but we plan to offer practice times after 4pm during the week (similar to previous schedules).

We will compete in 6 swim meets on Wednesday evenings on the following dates:

  • June 9
  • June 16
  • June 23
  • June 30
  • July 7
  • July 14
  • and Champs on July 26/27 (at SwimRVA).

GRAL will determine if swim meets are virtual or in person by June 1. If virtual, all meets will be swum at Rockville, otherwise we will have 3 home meets at Rockville.

Each registered swimmer will receive a RVDC team swim cap and t-shirt!

Click here to learn more and register.


About Head Swim Coach Craig Clift

Coach Clift graduated from VCU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Recreation with a concentration in Finance and Management. While at VCU from 1982-1986, he swam for the Rams. He holds four individual records, and was a part of five record holding relay teams. Coach Clift has 31 years of coaching experience encompassing all ages and ranges, from Summer League and High School teams to teams with Age Group, Top 10-16 in the USA, Zone and National Select Camp athletes, NCSA Junior National, USA Junior National, US Open, Nationals, Olympic Trial athletes, and top 100 World ranked athletes. He has 25 years of team management experience and brings with him innovative and sound ideas for the Dolphin Club. Coach Craig is a lifetime member of the American Swim Coaches Association and is qualified for Level 4 certification. Craig Clift is the father of two children and enjoys living in Mechanicsville, VA.

Coach Craig brings a consistent philosophy of total involvement with athletes in and out of the water, development and education of swimmers and their families, guidance of swimmers progressively through their swimming experience at their own pace, dedication to mastery of required technical skills before focusing on training to swim faster, program development from Novice through National programs recognizing that all successful clubs are built on a foundation of younger swimmers, teamwork, friendship, support and training for all athletes.


About our Swim Team Groups:

Pre-Fins Group 
This is one of the most exciting additions to Dolphin Club in years! Due to the overwhelming success and excitement of our summer swim team, we have created the Pre-Fins program. To be in this group, your young athlete must be able to complete a 25 free or 25 back unassisted and must be 5 years old or older. While swimmers in this group will not compete in USA Swimming meets, they very much will be members of the “Fin Family” and will have a “fun meet” at the end of each of the three 8-week sessions.

Swimmers in this group will focus greatly on learning the fundamentals of all four strokes over the course of 8 weeks and are greatly encouraged to swim each of the three different 8-week sessions to enjoy the full benefit of being a member of Dolphin Club. Development will be different for each athlete, and coaches will be focusing on improving each individual swimmer for what comes next in their progression rather than having a specific set of skills that they must to do regardless of their current ability. The coach to swimmer ratio will be low in order to provide the best quality coaching possible, and the fun to swimmer ratio will be blown out of the water!

Novice Group 
For many of our younger swimmers, this will be the entry level group for Dolphin Club. To gain entrance into the Novice Group, each swimmer must be able to complete at least 3 of the 4 competitive strokes legally. As you can imagine, our top priority for this group is to HAVE FUN. When a swimmer loves coming back, you can never bring them too much! Naturally though, we hope to create a skill set based on the fundamentals that can be carried with them throughout the rest of their swimming careers and lives. Therefore, we will put a lot of focus on areas like proper push-offs and streamlines, strong under and above the water kicking, safe and competitive starts & turns, as well as correct and legal technique in all 4 strokes.

Advanced Novice Group 
For the young swimmer who has advanced beyond the basics and can legally complete a 100 Individual Medley, you may need to consider the Advanced Novice practice option. There is still a tremendous focus on having a blast while also working on the fundamentals of each of the strokes along with the important details like turns, starts and underwaters that are critical to a swimmer’s development. These athletes will begin to do more “sets” to help prepare them for a training environment that they will see in the Age Group program.

Age Group 
While the Novice Group is generally considered the entry level for Dolphin Club, some new swimmers with higher levels of experience may find themselves in the Age Group program. To be in this group, each swimmer must be proficient in all 4 of the competitive strokes and should be excited to experience a slightly more competitive side to the sport. Although, it should be noted that we plan on having a great time and will constantly look to challenge our swimmers in a way that continues to emphasize the fun side of the sport!

Age Groupers can expect to work on continuing to perfect many of the fundamental skills learned in the Novice group while taking everything to the next level. Swimmers should be prepared to do more challenging “sets” while also having a full understanding of clock reading and intervals. Basic “dryland” activities will also be safely introduced to help all levels of swimmers in the group achieve each of their goals.

Junior Group 
Are you finding yourself becoming more serious about reaching new heights in your swimming? Then Junior Group is where you belong! Working on the fundamentals of the sport will continue in this group, but there will be a much stronger element of training with some good old fashioned hard work mixed in. Athletes in the Junior Group will work with a very specific seasonal training plan that will help them maximize their success in preparation for an end of the season championship meet.

There will be a combination of high level stroke mechanics mixed with challenging interval and race training in the Junior Group. Swimmers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and create an even more confident sense of self as they learn to traverse the ups and downs of competitive swimming with their teammates. And did we mention that it's going to be fun?!

Senior Group 
The highest level of training at Dolphin Club has been reserved for the Senior Group. Each athlete must be proficient in each stroke and be eager to challenge their own abilities and previous limits on a weekly basis. Swimmers' levels of motivation and discipline will be unmatched as they gain more and more self-confidence throughout the season. Each season will be specifically designed to create the greatest opportunity for success culminating in the end of the year championship meet.  Senior Groupers will become a strong, tightly knit group throughout the season as they work together as teammates to attack each and every workout. Each swimmer's preparation and motivation will come from the desire and will to achieve high levels of success at the state and national levels!

For more information about all of our swim groups, as well as pricing information, practice schedules and more, please visit our Dolphin Club website. To register, visit our activity finder here.