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Pools: About Our Pools

The Francis A. Lewis Pool

The ideal place to immerse yourself in health. Kept at between 80 and 84 degrees (with a set point of 82 degrees), this 25-yard, six lane salt-water pool is used for everything from general lap swim and deep water fitness to instructional swim lessons. It’s also the home pool for the Dolpholinas Synchronized Swim Team and the Dolphin Club Summer and Winter Swim Teams.

Please note that based on time of day and usage of the pool, lifeguards may intiate circle-swim. There will also be signage during programs and private swim lessons to indicate which lanes are open for free swim. Open swim lanes are reflected on the pool schedule, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact Myles Phelps at (804) 545-8640.

The Sternheimer Recreational Pool

It’s family fun year-round. Our recreational saltwater pool is our own tiny water park. Kept at between 84 and 88 degrees (with a set point of 86 degrees), the Sternheimer Recreational Pool includes two waterslides, a lazy river, a sitting area with whirlpool-like jets, a mushroom waterfall and lemon drop and wall sprays. Programming includes recreational play for all ages, instructional swim lessons and shallow water fitness.

Hours that the Rec Pool is open to the community are also posted.

Go to our schedules for the Lewis and Sternheimer pool schedules.


Weekends at Hilbert:

Hilbert will be opening up this Sunday 5/30 and Monday 5/31. The Hilbert pool will be open to members throughout the summer on the weekends with our last day of the season being Labor Day 9/6. We will offer 3 sessions each day (11am-1pm, 1:30-330pm & 4-6pm).

We will allow 100 swimmers per session and 2 guests per family (click to purchase passes). Each family is limited to 1 session per day. However if we do have an open reservation in a following session and you would like to wait the 30 minutes in the parking lot to see if there is an opening you are welcome to but you will have to exit the pool area and we cannot guarantee that there will be enough open spots. Reservations can be made for these sessions a week in advance through Signup Genius. It will be important that you accurately specify how many family members are attending as a front desk person will be checking each person’s ID as they enter and providing a quick health screening.

We will encourage everyone to social distance themselves but we will not have the pool sectioned off like we did last summer so you will have access to their entire pool. You will be asked to wear a face covering when you are moving around the pool deck, but you are not required to wear one while in the pool or when sunbathing. We are looking forward to a fun and safe summer!