This is the place where your teen can find their “people” to hang with, be active and change the world together. Through community service, engaging programs and sports teams your teen will make friends and experience personal growth that will last a lifetime.

Youth Programming at the Weinstein JCC is supported in part by: Rhona and Ric Arenstein Youth Enrichment Endowment Fund, Bernard D. Packer Children’s Endowment Fund and Simon Family Endowment Fund for JCC

BBYO Grades 9–12

Sunday afternoons, Free BBYO is the world’s leading non-denominational Jewish youth group. In this youth movement, members elect their group leaders and plan their own events. BBYO participates in conventions throughout the year in cities both in and outside Virginia. Weekly and Sunday afternoon events are held at the Weinstein JCC throughout the year, with varied programs including social, educational and recreational activities, community service and Israel programs. For information on how to join, contact Ryan Woloshin, Associate Regional Director for the Eastern Region BBYO, at (804) 285-8658 or

Kids & Teens Activities

We’ve got lots of activities happening this fall for teens! For more information, see below or visit our Activity Finder. 

For more information about programs for teens at the Weinstein JCC, contact Youth, Family, Camp & Support Services Director Missy Bunce at (804) 285-8658 or