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Women’s Night Out: “Why You Eat What You Eat”

Join us for a women’s-only interactive program centered around the book, Why You Eat What You Eat by author and acclaimed neuroscientist, Rachel Herz. In her book, Herz examines the sensory, psychological, neuroscientific, and physiological factors that influence our eating habits. She will share fascinating and surprising facts that influence food consumption and reveal useful techniques for improving our food experience. Together with curious findings and compelling facts, Herz will reveal how psychology, neurology and physiology shape our relationship with food, and how food alters the relationship we have with ourselves and each other. 

In a talk-show format, POA Women’s Night Out Chair Sylvia Farbstein will facilitate a fun, educational and interactive food panel discussion with our guest, Rachel Herz, and Weinstein JCC Director of Fitness Allison Snyder. Get ready for the event that will keep you talking (and thinking) about food!

Rachel Herz is a neuroscientist specializing in perception and emotion. She teaches at Brown University and Boston College and is a professional consultant. The author of The Scent of Desire and That’s Disgusting, Herz is a world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell and believes that scent is the Rosetta stone for understanding emotion.

Books will be available for purchase at the event:

Thursday, March 28


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