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Jewish Film Festival - From Philadelphia to the Front

Directed by Marianne Bernstein and Judy Gelles | 37 minutes Documentary | USA

Talk Back led by Dr. Charles Sydnor of the Virginia Holocaust Museum

One of the few documentaries to explore the stories of Jewish-American World War II soldiers, this film focuses on six Philadelphia veterans in their 80's, and their experiences during the war. Combined with photographs from the their experiences during the war, the men's personal collections, the film includes rare archival footage, stills, and newsreels, including Jewish soldiers celebrating Shabbat and Passover during wartime and the first Jewish service at Dachau after it was liberated.

Co-hosted by the 5400 Club

The Jewish Film Festival is sponsored by The Arenstein Family

For more information about all of the events happening at the Weinstein JCC, please call (804) 285-6500.