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IdentityRVA: Exploring Our Humanity Gallery Opening & Show

IdentityRVA is a photography exhibit that focuses on the humanity that exists in each of us and seeks to raise awareness and explore issues around how we are all more alike than we might think despite some of our differences. Eleven diverse women are part of our inaugural exhibit which launched in May of 2018. Photographs of 10 diverse men were added to the exhibit in January of 2020. The complete exhibit will be on display in the Sara D. November  Gallery at the Weinstein JCC. 

In addition, on Wednesday, February 12 at 7:30 PM, the community is invited to meet Kim Brundage, Identity RVA curator and photographer, along with many of the individual participants of this unique exhibition, to experience first-hand, their inspiring stories of strength, courage and diversity. Reception and program are free and open to the community.

Presented by Hirschler

Videography by Memories Videography

Exhibit participants:
Dr. Tiffany Jana
Justin Ayars
Davina Winn
Derrick Billie
Keri Abrams
Dr. Roger Loria
Matilda Lynch
Jaime Areizage-Soto
Sylvia DeVoss
Dr. Edward Peeples
Nathalia Artus
Paul Taylor/Taylor Paul
Twila Jane Sikorsky
Cornelius Johnson
Suzanne Price-Grubbs
Baldeep Poni
Shabina Shahnawaz
Ben King
Wafa Noble
Jesse Wysocki
Arianna Rose
Baby of Hope

For more information about all of the events happening at the Weinstein JCC, please call (804) 285-6500.