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Book Fair Event with Rabbi Royi Shaffin

In his new book, The Hollywood Bible, Rabbi Royi Shaffin finds Jewish meanings and symbolism in movies from Wonder Woman and E.T. to post WWII classics such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon and uses them as a way to teach deep truths about spirituality and Judaism.

Rabbi Royi Shaffin was named by The Forward as one of America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and has served as congregational rabbi, an educator, a school principal, and a college professor. He has also continued performing in community theaters and serving as a Judaic advisor for plays that include Jewish themes. Rabbi Shaffin has written an entry in To Honor A Teacher, by Jeffrey Spoden and has published articles in The Jewish State, El Diario, and City Beat Magazine.

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