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Book Fair Event with Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross’ newest historical thriller brings to life the drama of the birth of organized crime in 1930’s New York City from the tale of one family. Set between 1905-1935 and a rags-to-riches tale like Dickens’ Great Expectations merged with The Godfather, Button Man traces the rise of a Jewish immigrant family in the dawn of the women’s garment business collapse under the hammer of organized crime. It draws in the real life crime figures of Lepke, Dutch Schultz and Albert Anastasia of the feared Murder, Incorporated, as well as Special Prosecutor Thomas Dewey, pitting brother against brother. Both tragic, and yet like the story of so many of that generation who brought themselves up from nothing, inspirational.

Andrew Gross is the author of eight New York Times and international best-selling thrillers. He is also the co-author of five number one bestsellers with James Patterson, including Judge & Jury and Lifeguard. His books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Gross's recent books have been historical thrillers, with The One Man based on family stories in the Holocaust, and The Saboteur fictionalizing an Allied raid to prevent Nazi Germany's development of an atomic bomb. Button Man, based on his grandfather's experiences in New York's garment industry during the Depression, is his latest novel. 

For more information about all of the events happening at the Weinstein JCC, please call (804) 285-6500.