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Special Needs & Inclusion

The Weinstein JCC Early Childhood Department strives to create a successful experience for every child through offering a unique, inclusive setting in our Preschool and Childcare Programs. The Inclusion/Support Program, with parent support, works with teachers and visiting specialists to plan strategies that assist children while they attend our program. The goal of this supportive program is to provide children with a solid foundation for later success in school, at work and in the community. 

Some children come to our program with identified needs in specific areas of growth – developmental, social, emotional, cognitive and language. For other children, needs may emerge after they have been with us.

Studies have shown how critical early intervention is and how its positive impact on growth and development occurs during these formative early years. We recognize and embrace the value of early intervention and providing necessary supports, whether they are formal (therapeutic) or informal. It is not the intent of the Weinstein JCC Preschool to label or diagnose children. When a teacher or a parent has a concern about a child’s development or behavior, we take their concerns seriously. It is our responsibility as teachers and caregivers to advocate for the children and parents in our program when needed. We know how important these first years are and as an inclusive program we are dedicated to helping each child reach their potential. We always have your child’s best interest at heart.

We have consultants on staff available to observe in the classroom and/or consult with parents, child, and staff in situations where intervention would be beneficial to the child, family and school. These services may be requested by the Early Childhood Director, Assistant Director, Inclusion/Support staff, teachers and/or parents.

The Support/Inclusion staff routinely observes in the classrooms in order to get to know all of the children in our program. Teachers may request support staff to observe and provide insight and strategies when they have concerns about a child’s development. Parents will be notified by their child’s teacher when this occurs and will receive feedback from the teacher or support staff. Parents, teachers, staff or specialists can initiate a family meeting or if desired a more formal Individual Education-Social Plan (IESP) meeting when there is concern about a child's development. Every effort will be made to have the meeting in a timely fashion.For children coming to preschool with identified needs and/or receiving special services an IESP meeting will be held as soon as possible.

Every effort is made to connect children to public/private services when appropriate. To augment this process, we strive to coordinate services with a child's special therapists through direct communication between them and the school. Any specialist working with a child is encouraged to work in the preschool setting and to be invited to attend meetings at the invitation of the parents.

All information regarding your child is confidential. Communicating information about current, past or recommended interventions and therapies that your child has experienced is essential to begin and carry out this planning process. Once you let us know this aspect of your child’s background by checking the box on the preschool registration form, you will receive a follow-up contact from a member of our staff to determine our ability to meet your child’s needs.

Through the Weinstein JCC Early Childhood programs, we promote supportive and growing relationships that strengthen individuals and families. Serving the unmet needs of those with developmental disabilities through social, educational and recreational opportunities is a strong part of our commitment to the Richmond community.

For more information, please visit our 2019-2020 Parent Manual.

For more information about our special needs & inclusion programs, contact Director of Inclusion & Support Services Melissa Bunce at 545-8658 or