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2017-18 Season

POA Season Kick-Off ~ Tararam: Israel’s Stomp

Tararam is a blend of rhythm, movement, and with interwoven with tightly choreographed body drumming sequences; a true synchronized orchestra of recycled instruments! The creative performers produce extraordinary sounds from ordinary objects such as tin cans, metal and plastic barrels, wooden chairs, spoons, industrial tools, vocals, and live music. Tararam has successfully made its way into the heart of Israeli culture by offering audiences an exciting and inspiring theatrical/musical/dance experience. The artists communicate with the audience in the international language of rhythm!

Sponsored by Allianz World Partners

Post Kick-Off Reception Sponsored by Chris and Marc Greenberg and Blackwood Development

An Evening with Susan Greenbaum

Richmond’s beloved singer/songwriter Susan Greenbaum will present a concert packed with songs by the great Jewish songwriters of the Rock 'N' Roll era and beyond!

Sponsored by Lynn and Jay Schwartz 

Post-Event Dessert Reception Sponsored by Claudia and Steve Biegler

POA Season Finale ~ Israel’s 70th Birthday Celebration with the Richmond Symphony

The Center is thrilled once again to partner with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra to present a musical celebration of Israel’s 70th Birthday! Following the success of last season’s Itzhak Perlman concert and the previous year’s Voices of Survival, both held at the Carpenter Theatre, we are excited to welcome the Symphony back to the Weinstein JCC’s Sara Belle November Theater. Featuring special guest and famed Israeli soprano Nofar Yacobi, the program for the evening will reflect a wide range of classical, musical theatre, Hebrew and Jewish liturgical music and more!

Thank you to our event sponsors:

Rhona and Ric Arenstein

Lori and Chris Evangel
Linda and Earl Ferguson
Hirschler Fleischer
Eileen and Ed Kitces

Shelley and Win Gouldin
Helen Horwitz
Marianne and Ted Metzger
Barbara and Stuart Simon
Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
Sara and Juan Villalona
Jocelyn and Andy Vorenberg