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2020-21 Schedule of Events

1 - Art Exhibit Opening: Hope, Peoplehood and the Five Legs
15 - Jewish Family Theatre Presents A Mover, A Shaker, A Macher, A Mensch
20 - Sip & Learn Series: The Firsts, The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping Congress
28 - Women’s Night Out: Moodtopia

12 - The Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book Fair Kick-Off: Laugh Lines with Alan Zweibel
16 - The Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book Fair: Mengele with David G. Marwell
16 - The Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book Fair: When The World Feels Like A Scary Place by Dr. Abigail Gewirtz
17 - The Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book Fair: Hannah's War by Jan Eliasberg
18 - The Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book Fair: Wandering Dixie by Sue Eisenfeld

16 - Sip & Learn: The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia with the Hosts of Unorthodox
20 - Behind the Music Series: Music & The Movies

7 - Sip & Learn: Red Sea Spies by Raffi Berg
10 - Israeli Film Festival: The Red Sea Diving Resort
20-31 - 11th Annual Israeli Film Festival
Film Availability: January 20-23 - Israeli Film Festival: My Hero Uncle
Film Availability: January 20-27 - Israeli Film Festival: Shooting Life
Film Availability: January 21-24 - Israeli Film Festival: Aulcie
23 - Virtual Live Q&A with Director Dani Menkin
Film Availability: January 23-26 - Israeli Film Festival: Asia
26 - Exclusive Virtual Interview with Director Ruthy Pribar and Actresses Shira Haas and Alena Yiv (Pre-Recorded)
Film Availability: January 27-30 - Israeli Film Festival: Land of Milk & Funny
30 - Virtual Live Q&A with Comedian Avi Liberman
Film Availability: January 28-31 - Israeli Film Festival: Here We Are
31 - Virtual Live Q&A with Director Nir Bergman

8-11 - ReelAbilities Diversity & Inclusion Festival
8 - ReelAbilities Diversity & Inclusion Festival: Keep the Change
10 - ReelAbilities Diversity & Inclusion Festival: Once a Girl, Always a Boy
10 - Sip & Learn: Once a Girl, Always A Boy by Jo Ivestor
11 - ReelAbilities Diversity & Inclusion Festival: Crazy
24 - Behind the Music Series: The Lives of Isaac Stern

Kesem Inclusive Theatre Project (runs October-March)

8 - Yom Hashoah Event
13 - Behind the Music Series: Hatikvah

1 - Submissions will be accepted May 1 - 12 - Second Stage 2021 Season
2 - Sip & Learn: I Am My Mother's Daughter with Dara Hirsch Kurtz


The Adolf-Adams JCC Forum - Date TBD

We look forward to another year of exciting and meaningful Arts + Ideas programs and hope you will join us for these events and the many more we have planned for the 2020-21 season!