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Wee Little Arts - Winter

A preschool visual arts program dedicated to engaging and empowering children by helping them to discover the creative process based on four 8-week sessions: Elements of Art, Drawing, Painting and Three Dimensions. The same subjects are taught each year, but with different projects, so a student is not repeating projects, but learning is reinforced and added to with each class. Fundamental elements are introduced and the students apply these elements to their work. A variety of media are used to inspire experimentation. Both traditional and contemporary artists’ work is shown to expose the students to old and new ideas.

Thursdays, January 9 - February 27

12:00 - 1:30 pm

Code: 18288

Please enter name and date of birth of participant. If registering more than one, enter each name and date of birth followed by a comma. (Joe Smith 11/12/2010, Sarah Smith 5/7/2012).

Thursdays, January 9 - February 27

1:35 - 2:35 pm

Code: 18289

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