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Preschool Aquatics Level 1 - Pre-Summer

Level 1 introduces basic aquatic skills, to include water adjustment and entry, bubble blowing, submerging nose and eyes, floating, rolling from front to back, and alternate leg/arm action on front and back. In addition, safe practices are reviewed through water safety topics to start the development of positive attitudes and safe practices in and around the water.

Children not yet potty trained will be required to adhere to a double diaper policy during instruction. (meaning they must wear a disposable swim diaper and a reusable swim diaper.)

Wednesdays, May 13 - June 3

3:30 - 4:00 pm

Code: 18422

Please enter name and date of birth of participant. If registering more than one, enter each name and date of birth followed by a comma. (Joe Smith 11/12/2010, Sarah Smith 5/7/2012).

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