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Maccabi Games & ArtsFest

Jewish athletes and artists ages 13-16 are invited to join the Weinstein JCC’s “Team Richmond” and compete in the nationwide JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest® this August 4 - 9 in Detroit, Michigan!

The JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest® is the largest Jewish youth event in the world. From August 4-9, 2019, Detroit will welcome over 1500 visiting Jewish teens from across the globe. The JCC Maccabi Games® promotes and encourages the health, physical fitness and well-being of Jewish youth through participation in recreational and athletic activities. The activities for this year’s games are:

Boys Baseball
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys/Girls Dance
Boys/Girls Golf
Boys/Girls Ice hockey
Boys and Girls Lacrosse
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Girls Softball
Boys/Girls Star Reporter
Boys/Girls Swimming
Boys/Girls Table Tennis
Boys/Girls Tennis
Girls Volleyball.

ArtsFest allows participants to develop creative skills in a variety of areas including acting/improv, culinary arts, dance, musical theater, rock band, social media squad, visual arts, and vocal music. Thanks to a combination of workshops, performances, and exhibitions, the ArtsFest inspires teens and helps them develop individuality through artistic expression. Participants will learn the values of teamwork, integrity, cultural pride and community service while expanding an appreciation of Jewish values, connection to the community, enriching their Jewish identities, improving their overall health and well-being and building lifelong friendships.

JCC Maccabi was created to provide Jewish youth, ages 12-16 years old, with a supportive environment that fosters mutual respect and sportsmanship, where they can interact in an atmosphere of fun, democracy, and peace. Participants cultivate a deeper understanding and instill an appreciation of Jewish values within Jewish youth, enrich their Jewish identity in an informal setting, and encourage their identification with the state of Israel.

To receive more information, please contact Weinstein JCC Maccabi Delegation Head Nick Pruden at 804-545-8607 or at

August 4 - 9

Detroit, Michigan

Please enter name and date of birth of participant. If registering more than one, enter each name and date of birth followed by a comma. (Joe Smith 11/12/2010, Sarah Smith 5/7/2012).

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For more information about classes and activities offered at the Weinstein JCC, call (804) 285-6500.