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Kesem Inclusive Theatre Project

In Hebrew, the word "Kesem" means magic, and at the Weinstein JCC, we like to make magic! The Kesem Inclusive Theatre Project is a theatre education initiative from the Weinstein JCC for adults ages 18 and up. The Center is committed to offering inclusive programming within the community for people of all ages and abilities. Kesem will provide a comprehensive theatre education experience from process to performance. Recognizing the positive impact of arts education on the social, emotional and functional aspects of life for all individuals, the Weinstein JCC has compiled a qualified team of professionals to develop a program that will meet the needs of individuals with disabilities while providing a deep and meaningful experience for every participant.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about Kesem Inclusive Theatre Project, please contact Melissa Bunce, Director of Inclusion and Support Services at or by calling (804) 545-8658. People of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to participate!

Rehearsals run multiple days per week, November-February. Final schedule will be determined based upon the availability of the participants.

For more information about classes and activities offered at the Weinstein JCC, call (804) 285-6500.