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Cycle For Good!

Spin your wheels as well as your dreidel for a cause to help your community! Celebrate the Hanukkah season and be part of JCCs of North America Cycle for Good while raising money to benefit THE WEINSTEIN JCC SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

Participants across North America will be riding at the same time, cycling for a good cause and their own wellness. Reserve your bike at the Front Desk and raise money, or ride on your own from home or outdoors and donate to this wonderful cause.

All Participants will receive a Cycle for Good T-shirt.

For more information, contact Allison Snyder at or 545-8638.

Cycle for Good

9:00 - 10:00 am

Code: 18283

Please enter name and date of birth of participant. If registering more than one, enter each name and date of birth followed by a comma. (Joe Smith 11/12/2010, Sarah Smith 5/7/2012).

Total: $0.00

For more information about classes and activities offered at the Weinstein JCC, call (804) 285-6500.