Attention Members: Although we do not know the exact time horizon, currently the Weinstein JCC will remain CLOSED until we are directed by the medical and health authorities that it is safe to reopen. We are navigating together the emotional and economic impact social distancing will have on our lives and community; however, it is our collective responsibility to comply with mandates and guidelines to stop the virus from spreading. For all updates, please visit our COVID-19 page. For virtual resources, click here. Thank you for your patience and support as we work through this evolving situation.

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Staff Listing: Staff Directory by Department


Gail Howerton
Director of Finance
(804) 545-8663 

Britt Sain
Accounts Payable
(804) 545-8612 

Marianne Krumpe 
Accounts Receivable
(804) 545-8613 

Joey Wood 
Director of Technology/Senior Registrar & Account Manager
(804) 545-8605

Adult/Cultural Arts

Lisa Looney 
Director of Donor Relations
(804) 545-8608 

Leslie McGuigan 
Cultural Arts Director
(804) 545-8644 

Shari Menlowe-Barck 
Adult Programming Coordinator
(804) 545-8611 

Jennifer Adams
Special Events Manager
(804) 545-8659 

Debra Clinton 
Artistic Director of Jewish Family Theatre (JFT)
(804) 545-8232 


Myles Phelps 
Aquatics Director
(804) 545-8640 

Alethea Tyler
Assistant Aquatics Director
(804) 545-8640 

Craig Clift
Head Dolphin Club Coach
(804) 545-8640 


Pat Hendrick 
Executive Secretary/Office Manager
(804) 545-8604 

Diane Moore 
Customer Service Associate
(804) 545-8601 

Debbie Newman 
Administrative Assistant/Rooms Coordinator
(804) 545-8603 

Victoria Sheridan
Executive Administrator
(804) 545-8662 

Emily Neal 
Office Assistant/ Desktop Support
(804) 545-8602 


Margret O’Keefe 
Director of Development
(804) 545-8609 

Early Childhood

Donna Peters 
Early Childhood Director
(804) 545-8617 

Barbara Wise 
Early Childhood Assistant Director
(804) 545-8616 

Lisa Plotkin 
Early Childhood Curriculum & Professional Development Director
(804) 545-8661 

Erin Cole
Preschool Administrative Assistant
(804) 545-8615 

Executive Staff

Rick Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
(804) 545-8643 

Orly Lewis 
Chief Operating Officer
(804) 545-8610 

Fitness Center

Allison Snyder 
Director of Fitness & Recreation
(804) 545-8638 

Zach Marson
Specialty Camps Director, Kids' Place Operations Manager
(804) 545-8630

Kids’ Place and Elementary Services

LaVenus Harried
Kids’ Place Director
(804) 545-8639 

Zach Marson
Specialty Camps Director, Kids' Place Operations Manager
(804) 545-8630


Kristin VanStory
Marketing Director
(804) 545-8632

Lindsey Matthews
Marketing Coordinator
(804) 545-8657


Randi Amar 
Membership Director
(804) 545-8635 

Dave Decker 
Membership Specialist
(804) 545-8636 

Kellie Hawthorne
Membership Specialist
(804) 545-8636

Travis Salberg
Customer Service Associate
(804) 545-8606 

Scott Vipperman 
Customer Service Associate
(804) 545-8606 


Chris Owens 
Assistant Facilities Manager
(804) 545-8646 

Special Needs

Melissa Bunce
Director of Inclusion & Support Services
(804) 545-8658

Summer Camps

Lily Ocasio 
Camp Ganim Director
(804) 545-8115 

Leslie LaBrie 
Youth Programs & Camp Director
(804) 545-8650 

Nick Pruden 
Youth & Sports Specialist, Specialty Camps Director
(804) 545-8607

Melissa Bunce
Director of Inclusion & Support Services
(804) 545-8658

LaVenus Harried
CIT Director
(804) 545-8639 

For more information about programs, events, staff positions and more at the Weinstein JCC, please call (804) 285-6500.