Attention Members: Our Athletic Wing (to include fitness and aquatics) is OPEN. For details regarding our new operating protocols and procedures, visit our website. To register for a workout time slot, click here. Please note: masks are required for entry into the Center and should be worn at all times except when working out or swimming. Thanks!

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Staff Listing: Staff Directory by Department

Executive Staff

Orly Lewis 
Chief Executive Officer
(804) 545-8610 

Allison Snyder
Chief Program Officer
(804) 545-8643

Administrative Support

Victoria Sheridan
Executive Administrator
(804) 545-8662 

Emily Neal 
Administrative and Help Desk Support
(804) 545-8602 

Adult/Cultural Arts

Lisa Looney 
Director of Donor Relations
(804) 545-8608 

Leslie McGuigan 
Cultural Arts Director
(804) 545-8644 

Shari Menlowe-Barck 
Adult Programming Director
(804) 545-8611 

Jennifer Adams
Events and Rentals Manager
(804) 545-8659 

Debra Clinton 
Artistic Director of Jewish Family Theatre (JFT)
(804) 545-8232 


Myles Phelps 
Aquatics Director
(804) 545-8640 

Craig Clift
Head Dolphin Club Coach
(804) 545-8640 


Margret O’Keefe 
Director of Development
(804) 545-8609 

Early Childhood

Donna Peters 
Early Childhood Director
(804) 545-8617 

Barbara Wise 
Early Childhood Assistant Director
(804) 545-8616 

Lisa Plotkin 
Early Childhood Curriculum & Professional Development Director
(804) 545-8661 

Erin Cole
Preschool Administrative Assistant
(804) 545-8615 

Leah Tapp
Early Childhood Inclusion & Support Coordinator
(804) 545-8119

Finance Department

Gail Howerton
Director of Finance
(804) 545-8663 

Marianne Krumpe 
Accounts Receivable
(804) 545-8613 

Joey Wood 
Director of Technology/Senior Registrar & Account Manager
(804) 545-8605

Fitness Center

Amy Buckberg  
Fitness Director
(804) 545-8638 

Kids’ Place and Elementary Services

Rachel Peters
Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator
(804) 545-8645

Britt Sain
Assistant Camp Hilbert Director
(804) 545-8612 


Kristin VanStory
Marketing Director
(804) 545-8632


Randi Amar 
Membership Director
(804) 545-8635 

Dave Decker 
Membership Specialist
(804) 545-8636 

Travis Salberg
Customer Service Associate
(804) 545-8606 

Scott Vipperman 
Customer Service Associate
(804) 545-8606 


Eric Shultz
Assistant Facilities Manager
(804) 545-8646 


Aisha Vaughn
Sports and Recreation Coordinator
(804) 545-8607

Special Needs

Melissa Bunce
Youth, Family, Camping & Support Services Director
(804) 545-8658

Summer Camps

Melissa Bunce
Youth, Family, Camping & Support Services Director
(804) 545-8658

Lily Ocasio 
Camp Ganim Director
(804) 545-8115 

Britt Sain
Assistant Camp Hilbert Director
(804) 545-8612 

For more information about programs, events, staff positions and more at the Weinstein JCC, please call (804) 285-6500.